Blockchain for
Investment Banking

A Smart, Distributed Asset Exchange and Trading Platform for Financial Products

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Read more about the architecture and functionality of QWICSchain in this research paper:

Brune, P. (2019). Do We Really Need Another Blockchain Framework? A Case for a Legacy-friendly Distributed Ledger Implementation based on Java EE Web Technologies.
In Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies - Volume 1: WEBIST, pages 301-306.

Smart Blockchain Banking Solution

A peer-to-peer distributed ledger solution for financial services, enabling its users to exchange and trade digital assets worldwide within seconds. It features the creation of sophisticated, customized financial products and instruments by using smart contracts, and executes the respective transactions automatically in a reliable, secure and accountable way. Build on our own enterprise Blockchain technology, the built-in cryptocoin will also enable to execute payments for the respective cashflows directly.

Implement New Financial Products Using Smart Contracts

Using our flexible Smart Contract engine and our build-in, web-based IDE for developing and testing Smart Contracts in an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) style, new, complex financial products and transcations could be implemented and executed immediately and with minimum effort.

Fast and Eco-Friendly Peer-to-Peer Network

QWICSchain uses its own peer-to-peer network to maintain a consistent distributed ledger between all its participants. A strict set of rules and cryptographic signatures ensure no fraudolent transactions are added to the Blockchain. This approach therefore does not need an energy-consuming Proof-of-Work scheme for validating new transactions. Instead, an extremely fast consensus protocoll is used. Transactions therefore may be executed on the network worldwide within seconds.

Build On Established Open Source Components

Different from other Blockchain solutions, QWICSchain is built from the beginning to fit best into your Banking IT. It uses its own Blockchain technology built on established and Enterprise-ready Open Source Software components such as Java / Jakarta Enterprise Edition (EE) using the cloud-ready OpenLiberty application server and the PostgreSQL database.

Enterprise-Friendly Blockchain Technology

In combination with our Open Source QWICS Framework for legacy application modernization, QWICSchain seamlessly integrates with existing IT landscapes and core business applications of financial service providers. It runs on on premise Linux and most other Un*x-like systems, on Docker or in the cloud. In particular, it also supports traditional transaction processing platforms such as the mainframe. Therefore, financial transactions could be booked simultaneously and consistently on the Blockchain as well as in your core enterprise applications and legacy systems of record.

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